Security Consultancy

We have the honor to introduce ourselves as a leading and credible security agency in the security industry which is a consortium of high caliber specialists drawn from the reserves of retired officers from Armed Forces & Navel Force having vast industrial background. We render ourselves to supply security personnel. Physical and personnel security generally remain separate in many organizations. Our holistic security methodology enables you to get a better understanding of overall organizational security risks by applying converged governance with risk management across all assets. In combination with our programmed and risk management expertise, this approach ensures better protection for assets, staff and information; your critical business enablers.

Our services incorporate all aspects from master planning and concept design, to security strategies, a full design capability and implementation support and assurance. Regardless of the project size and complexity, our aim is to provide a fully integrated end to end solution that is innovative in its approach to emerging threats and technologies. Our intuitive approach ensures that our security consultants are a natural choice to help clients plan, design and enable a safe and secure environment for their business today, tomorrow and into the future.


Most organizations depend on information technology to conduct their business, security assurance is fundamental to what they do. Effective controls are required to mitigate risk. The business, and all its stakeholders; customers, suppliers, partners and staff, need to have confidence in the communications systems used together with evidence that shared information is appropriately protected. However, understanding the risks and knowing what to do about them is academic unless you deliver the controls required to reduce those risks. Providing assurance that the controls are fit-for-purpose, correctly implemented and remain sustainable throughout the lifecycle is what is really important.

The Solution

We help our clients to implement appropriate and cost-effective controls to protect their information assets against perceived threats, and provide evidence that they are operating as expected. We help organizations ensure that the appropriate technical, physical and procedural controls are built into their IT lifecycle and are effective across the range of services they offer. AIMSFORCE approach to information security assurance is based on your individual requirements for risk mitigation. AIMSFORCE security assurance services deliver targeted benefits including:

  • Confidence that your risk mitigation activity underpins and reinforces the value in your risk mitigation strategy
  • Evidence of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and management confidence in your organizational information risk mitigation activities
  • Greater confidence and trust amongst your business partners, suppliers and customers
  • A framework which sets the standard for your supply chain and others
  • A programmed of maintenance, review and improvement for your technical security.

AIMSFORCE is a key supplier of consulting services with specific focus in security and intelligence; police, fire and defence.We work with our clients to establish assurance frameworks that are cost effective, appropriate and saleable. Our risk based methodology enables us to establish assurance requirements for technical cyber and information controls, related processes and for the people that operate and manage them. This approach helps to ensure that our clients have confidence that their systems will operate how they are supposed to, when they are supposed to and are under the control of legitimate users. We will develop the most appropriate assurance activities to meet the given requirements, help to implement them and put in place a plan for continuous review and improvement.