Watch & Ward

Watch & Ward Services under Futuristic Services

We have the honour to introduce ourselves as a credible security agency in the security industry which is a consortium of high calibre specialists drawn from the reserves of retired officers from Armed Forces & Naval Force having vast industrial background. We render ourselves to supply security personnel for deployment of security services to various organizations like factory, corporate offices, hospitals, mines, residential complex, & other establishments. We have made ourselves thorough in this profession. We have trained, adroit personalities armed & unarmed personnel at our center

Although some are stationed at desks or in gatehouses, others may patrol on foot or in vehicles, so security guards can benefit from being physically fit. Employers generally look for observant, detail-oriented individuals who are not easily distracted and can identify threats quickly. Active listening also helps in the field, so security guards can identify complaints and receive information on questionable activity.

  • Surprise unit visit/round is made randomly. Check, check list of duty performance, wearing of proper uniforms, etc.
  • Continuous training is discerned to work with conscience and to get along the orientation of the organization they are deployed for.
  • Vigorous checking is done by our trained security personnel restraining unauthorized exit and entry through the gate/entrance/exit point.
  • Our Supervisory/Shift in Charge will handle Material movements which will be tallied and verified with the gate pass / challan / invoice at gate and the course of action taken according to management prerogative
  •  Security officer is meticulously responsible for day to day work and is reportable to the same to the concerned management authority. Security officer work solely at the discretion of the concerned management who is responsible for day to day work and job bestowed upon him by the management keeping the management aware with feedback system.